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Карельский традиционный массаж

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Привет! Меня зовут Юлия и я массажист! Я изучала различные техники массажа и в совершенстве владею древними "шаманскими" техниками, которые позволят привести в гармонию душу и тело. Особенно хорошо и полезно сделать массаж после банных процедур.
Personal skills
High sport education (Boston sports Academy, 2004 Graduate) and 12 years experience on sport scene.
I am a winner of National Tournament of Boston 2014 and Boxing annual women contest of Boston in light weight.
I've been practicing as a coach for 10 years, working with young and adults.
I am an active participant in long-distance running competitions in Boston.
I have a wide knowledges not only in sports techniques but in medicine.
I usually improve myself in different sport directions
Body Fit and weight control
Every has its own particular qualities. Your workouts are personalised and unique, that helps to get best results most effectively.
More information
Preparing for competitions
This is a special program for advanced athletes. If you are looking for more professional increase, I will create a special intensified programs for you.
More information
This is a program for those who has suffered in some accidence and is under rehabilitation. I have a special methodic of full recovery regardless of the severity of injury
More information
It's not whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get up.
Почему Вам нужно выбрать мой массаж?
Well-balanced exercise program
I explore every client's health and body particular qualities. I select fitness program according to your health.
Special meals
Everybody knows that proper nutrition is a half of a benefit. I generate a special menu for every client.
Online trainer
As your online trainer I am always available by Watssup and phone. Call me to give a workout report or even tell me how you fill that day.
Highly qualified support
I am a certified professional trainer with 12 years in sport industry background.
Here you can see some testimonials from my wards. They have a great success in sports now!
There is a timetable for a week. It is updated every week. If there are some changes I will reflect it here immediately.
Take your first free training
Live a request for the first training. I will connect with you in the nearest future
I offer high qualified and honest trainings for real people. Connect me to ask any questions and come for workout!

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